A Zone is an interim entity that allows you to divide Placements on the same Site into groups.

Zone creation

Once the Site is created, click on the sidebar, or click the button. The following dialog will appear:

Fill in the Name, add a Description if necessary, and click Save.

Matched Ads

This pane displays Advertisers > Campaigns > Banners that can be linked to the Placements of this Zone manually, and the ones that are linked according to Rules.

  • Advertisers, Campaigns and Banners can be filtered by Name, Label and/or Category.
  • It is possible to display the Banners that are linked manually or via Rules by selecting the corresponding checkboxes and clicking Filter.
  • Click the Advertiser/Campaign/Banner to navigate to the corresponding card.

What’s Next

Each Zone may contain one or more Placements. You may find more about them here: