White Label Preferences

White Labeling allows you to insert basic information about your company and submit a logo to brand all your ads.

To do this, log into your Network Supervisor account and click White Label Preferences from the System Configuration group in the side menu.

In the Main tab you can:

  • Add the contact information of your company, such as the Company name, Site, Email, Phone number, Skype, and founding date:

  • Configure Referral Program Settings: Set the Referral Program URL and add a link to its description.
  • Set up the branding for your Placements: Add text to the overlay image, define its position, and make other modifications:

To upload creatives for the branding of your ads, switch to the Images tab, scroll down to the overlay.png section, upload a file, and click Submit. To preview the result, press the Show Branded Placement Sample button.



Log In and Log Out URLs should be included with http:// or https:// prefix.



Overlay works only for Universal JS and iframe Sync/Async Invocation Codes.

You can also upload your logo, background theme, and other graphics in the Images tab:

Uploaded images will be used in the following way:

  • email-bg-1.png(750x238) – background for Email Notifications.
  • email-new-logo.png(131x129) – logo used in Email Notifications.
  • favicon.ico(32x32) – Favicon logo.
  • login_img_dowm.svg(280x300) – graphic in the bottom left corner of the Login, Sign-up, and Password Recovery pages.
  • login_img_up.svg(270x210) – graphic in the top right corner of the Login, Sign-up, and Password Recovery pages.
  • login_logo.svg(150x54) – logo used at the Login, Sign-up, and Password Recovery pages.
  • logo-mail.png(131x129) – logo in the Email markup of scheduled Analytics reports.
  • logo-report.png(131x129) – logo in PDF and HTML versions of Analytics reports.
  • logo-small.png(120x44) – logo in the bottom of the PDF and HTML versions of Analytics reports.
  • logo.png(125x45) – logo in the top left corner of the network user interface.
  • overlay.png(32x32) – overlay icon.
  • referral.png(619x195) – image for the Referral Program tab.