Trees User Interface

Trees User Interface is the default display mode of Epom Ad Server platform.

It is recommended to use Trees for:

  • Regular activities and setup of singular ad serving campaigns.
  • Structured display of Sites/Zones/Placements and Advertisers/Campaigns/Banners.
  • To switch to the Trees User Interface:

    1. Log into your network account and go to the Preferences tab.
    2. Select Trees in the User Interface Preferences pane and click Submit:

    The page will be reloaded and the new User Interface preferences will be applied to the current user.

    Publishers and Advertisers Views

    The Publishers and Advertisers tabs consist of three sections each:

    1. Tree view of all the entities.
    2. Right side panel for navigation and toggling different settings for entities.
    3. Site/Zone/Placement or Advertiser/Campaign/Banner cards.

    Tree View Section

    Left section of the interface consists of:

    • Button panel for adding and removing Sites, Zones, Placements or Advertisers, Campaigns, Banners.
    • Filtering tools that allow searching for entities by Category and/or Owner.
    • The list of Advertisers or Sites:
      1. Click the disclosure triangles to see Campaigns > Banners or Zones > Placements respectively.
      2. Icons next to the entities show their current Statuses.
      3. The numbers next to the entities stand for the Entities' IDs in Epom Ad Server.

    Side Panel

    The right side panel includes all the settings that can be configured for the current Entity, for example:

    Optional settings can be toggled by clicking switches.

    Entity Cards

    Whenever you select an entity from the Tree View section, all the configured panes will be displayed on the entity card. For example:

    For more details regarding the panes available for different entities, please follow the links below: