Impression/Click Tracking for Banners Hosted by a Publisher

Epom Ad Server includes a feature which allows to track Clicks and/or Impressions for the Banners provided by Advertisers without the need to add Invocation Codes or scripts to your web-pages.

Follow these steps to configure this feature:

  1. Log into your network account and go to Publishers tab.
  2. Navigate to an existing Site > Zone and click or choose Click-through Placement from the Add new Placement list.
  3. Fill in the Name and click Save.
  4. Link Banner(s) with Banner Type Local File to it. Please note that these are only placeholders - not the actual Banners. They will be used for gathering statistics.
  5. Click Show Tracking URLs button. The list of linked Banners with the Tracking URLs for every Banner will be opened in the new browser tab:
  6. Combine the codes for Banners to be placed at the web-sites in the following way:
    • For Impression Tracking:
    • <img src="Impression Tracking-URL"><img src="Banner-URL" /></a>
    • For Click Tracking:
    • <a href="Click-Tracking-URL"><img src="Banner-URL" /></a>
    • Tracking URL (Impression or Click) should be taken from the Tracking URLs page.
    • Banner URLs are provided by the Advertisers.