Third-Party VAST/VPAID Campaigns

Epom Ad Server allows running VAST/VPAID advertising tags from third-party networks.

Follow these steps:

  1. Check the Video Tag provided by third-party network. If it contains placeholders, replace them with the $$CUSTOM_PARAM(<parameter_name>)$$ macros.

For example, if the provided URL is:

... the REPLACE values should be substituted in the following way:$$CUSTOM_PARAM(customdescription)$$&id=$$CUSTOM_PARAM(customID)$$
  1. Login to your Epom Ad Server network account.
  2. Go to the Advertisers tab and create a new Advertiser > Campaign > Banner for Video Placement:
    • Banner Type: Select Third Party VAST/VPAID Tag URL.
    • URL: Insert the URL you've prepared previously.
  3. Go to the Publishers tab and create a new Site > Zone > Video Placement.
  4. Add the Custom Parameters to the VAST tag in the following way:

For the previous example, the following should be added to the VAST tag:


As a result, the completed VAST tag would be: