A Site is the highest-level entity for your supply-side ad serving in our system.
It represents one of the sites where your ads are to be served.

Site Creation

Each Site may contain one or more Zones, which in turn, may contain one or more Placements.
The settings configured on a Site level will be applied to all Zones and Placements under this Site.
To add a new site please follow these steps:

Please follow these steps to add a new site:

  1. Log into your Network Manager, Publisher, or Self-Serve Publisher account.
  2. Go to the Publishers tab and click the Add Site button.
  3. Fill out the Basic Information for your new site and click Save:

Available Parameters

  • Name - a custom name that will help identify the Site.
  • On - identifies if the Site is enabled or not.
  • URL - site URL.
  • Email (optional) - contact email for this site.
  • Description (optional) - a couple words regarding this Site's details, notes, or any other information you would like to include.
  • Additional information (optional) - you can add general information that would help specify the site:
  • Monthly Impressions: how many ads are usually served on this Site per month.
  • Monthly Visitors: how many unique visitors attend this Site per month.
    • Once you have added a Site, the Site card will appear along with the following items:

Site Settings



The exact set of items on this page depends on the permissions for your account.

Revenue Share

In this pane you can set different shares for the Advertiser(s) of this Site



If the Fixed Price payment model is set in the Pricing pane, the Revenue Share settings will be neglected.
Unless you set the Fixed Price for the specific Country(s). In this case the Revenue Share will be applied to all other Countries.


Here you can set the payment model for this Site: Available pricing types are CPM (cost per mile), CPC (cost per click), or CPA (cost per action).


The Sharing Settings pane allows you to provide access to the Site to another user in your network


In this pane you can insert the code for 3rd party tracking for the whole Site. Alternatively, you can enable 3rd party tracking only for certain Placements of the Site by enabling the corresponding pane on the Placement card. More information regarding the Piggyback Pixel tracking is available in the following support article.

Matched Ads

This pane displays Advertisers > Campaigns > Banners that can be linked to the Placements of the Site manually, and the ones that are linked according to Rules.

  • Advertisers, Campaigns and Banners can be filtered by Name, Label and/or Category.
  • It is possible to display the Banners that are linked manually or via Rules by selecting the corresponding checkboxes and clicking Filter.
  • Click the Advertiser/Campaign/Banner to navigate to the corresponding card.

What’s Next

A Site can contain one or more Zones. You can find out more about them here: