Security Report

Security reports provide information regarding the quality of traffic.

The data gathered with the ©Forensic integration can be accessed in the Analytics.

To run a Security report based on the ©Forensiq data:

  1. Log into your Network account and go to the Analytics tab.
  2. Choose Forensiq from the Service list.
  3. Click the Report Settings in the top right corner of the Analytics tab. Depending on your preferences, select the set of columns for the resulting report.
  4. Foresiq report-specific columns are:

    • Cover – the percentage of the records in the report, that were scanned by Forensiq and have the corresponding risk/reputation metrics.
    • Avg. – Average rating of all the records in the report (1-100).
    • Risky – Percentage of records with a risk factor ≥80.
    • Susp. – Percentage of records with a risk factor of 65-80.
    • Good – Percentage of records with a risk factor <65
  5. Specify the Metrics for the report columns:
    • Risk: to see the actual values for the fraudulent Impressions, Clicks, or Conversions.
    • Reputation: same data represented in percentage ratios.
  6. Define any other regular Report settings as per your needs.
  7. Click Run Report.



Security reports are an optional feature of Epom Ad Server. To enable this feature in your network, please contact your personal manager.