Referral Program Billing

The Epom Ad Server Referral Program is an amazing opportunity to make extra revenue in addition to the regular ad serving activity of your advertising network.

To begin, you should set up the Referral program for your network. To do this, log into your Network Supervisor account and click Referral Program Billing in the Users & Accounts group of the side menu. In this pane you can set the Revenue Share for your network. The default value is 13%:

This Revenue Share will be applied globally. If there is a need to set a different Revenue Share value for a certain account, click User Management from the left side menu, select an account from the list and click . Switch to the Referral Program sub-tab and activate the Billing Terms pane. Set the new value for the user account and click Save.

Next, you should enable the Referral Program for your Publishers and/or Advertisers:

  1. Log into your Network Supervisor account and click User Roles & Permissions from the Users & Accounts group of the side menu.
  2. Set the Manage Referral Program permissions (in the Network Specific Features section) to Enabled for the account types which will be able to use the Referral Program.

This will enable the Referral Program pane for your network users:

This pane includes a link for referrers, a list of Referred Clients, and the Referral Revenue.

Referrer links are unique for every network user. New users who joined the network using a referral link will automatically become 'connected' to the network user who provided the link and appear in the Referred Clients list.



This link is generated automatically and will always contain the Referral Program URL of your network and a Referrer ID parameter.

For example,, where is a network URL and ref=822 is a Referrer ID parameter.

The White Labeling feature will allow you to change the Referral Program URL in Referrer links. To do this, log into your Network Supervisor account and choose White Label Preferences from the System Configuration group of the side menu. Fill in your Referral Program URL and add the ref=$$REF_ID parameter to it.

As a Network Supervisor, you will see the new referrals and referred users in the Referral Program Billing pane, which serves both as a filter for billing information and as an update mechanism:

  • Choosing a certain Referrer or Referral will filter the results in the Referral Program Billing list at the bottom of the pane. This will let you review the Referral Program Billing details.
  • Choose the Referral and the Referrer in the corresponding fields, specify any necessary details, and click Add to make a new connection. The corresponding record will appear in the Referral Program Billing list.
  • Update the referrals' information: change statuses, manually edit payment requirements manually, etc.


The Referral Program provides two sets of statuses for referred clients - Analytics status (set by the system, unchangeable), and user status (manually set). Both sets can be viewed by Referral Program users, but only Network Supervisors can change the payment status.

The Analytics statuses are as follows:

  • Under Review - new network users who registered recently but their accounts haven't been reviewed yet.
  • Approved - network user was approved by a Network Supervisor.
  • Active - network user was approved and received at least one ad impression.
  • Inactive - the Publisher is approved, but they have not received any impressions for more than 30 days.

Manual statuses:

  • Unconfirmed - new network users whose accounts should be reviewed.
  • Confirmed - set this status when you have reviewed the new network user and approved it.
  • Paid - this status is set manually once the payment is processed.
  • Declined - set this status if the payment was rejected for some reason.

You can also review the Referral Program details for a particular network user in the User Management pane of your Network supervisor account.