Optimization Settings

The Optimization Settings section covers the default optimization setup for campaigns and banners in your ad network.

This section allows the configuration of default optimization setup for campaigns and banners in your network. Please note, however, that the Campaigns' Optimization Settings might be overwritten by manual settings made by your network's users.

Campaign Optimization

There are three types of Campaign Optimizations available:

  • Manual Weighting: Automatic optimization won't take place in your network. This means that only the settings submitted manually by your network users will be taken into account.
  • eCPM Optimization: Determines which Campaign has the highest eCPM and displays only the Banners from this Campaign. Campaigns that have pricing options turned off or have undefined pricing will not participate in optimization and will not be displayed.
  • Estimated CTR and Estimated Conversion Rate values will be used by the algorithm for newly created campaigns which have no actual data yet. The algorithm uses the values specified in these fields and calculates the eCPM for these Campaigns.

  • eCPM Optimization with Burn-up Period: The most sophisticated Campaign optimization. It distributes the traffic between the Campaign

Banner Optimization

Banner optimization settings can be applied to the banners in your network if your network users select the corresponding checkboxes on the banner cards.

CTR optimization allows you to optimize a banner's weight in case it gets more clicks than other banners of the same campaign. You can find out more detailed information here.

  • CTR last Value Impact: Identifies how much of an impact the CTR value for the previous period would have on the latest value.
  • CTR Weighting Strategy: Specifies the math formula to increase the Weight:

    •  Linear growth.
    •  Quadratic growth.
    •  Exponential growth.
    •  Logarithmic growth.