Network Supervisor

Network Supervisor manages the settings and users of the entire network. Once you log into the account, you will see the following Menu on the left:

  • User's Management allows you to create, delete, or edit user accounts in your network, and also sign in using a certain account type.
  • User Roles & Permissions allow a Network Supervisor to add new roles in the network and manage what actions and features are available to certain account types.
  • White Label Preferences allows a Network Supervisor to insert basic information about their company and submit a logo to brand all their ads.
  • Email Notification Templates provide an option to notify users about certain events that took place within the ad network.
  • REST API Reference describes tools for obtaining various data via the Application Program Interface.
  • Optimization Settings cover the default optimization setup for campaigns and banners in your network.
  • Inventory & Campaign Settings include several system-wide settings for the moderation of default pricing models and third-party tracking for sites and advertisers.
  • Inventory Categories provide the option to manage the categories of your Publishers.
  • Advertising Categories provide the option to manage the categories of your Advertisers.
  • System Banner Templates interface allows you to manage the set of banner templates available to your network's users.
  • Test Pages is an integrated tool for testing web pages.
  • Validation Settings are used to manage the Validation Tools that can detect the suspicious ad serving activity.