Manual Analytics

This tool allows you to manually adjust the improper data regarding clicks, impressions, or conversions for your network.



Currently, this functionality is only available for the Grids User Interface.

In addition to automatic Validation mechanisms, Epom Ad Server allows you to manually adjust the improper data regarding clicks, impressions, or conversions for your network. This allows you to correct pricing mistakes, remove fraudulent data, add impressions that were not automatically processed for some reason, etc.

Please follow these steps bellow to review and correct analytical data:

  1. Sign in to your Network Manager account.
  2. Go to the Analytics pane and click Manual Analytics Data to expand the pane if necessary:
  3. Fill out the form with the data corrections you would like to make:
    • Specify the user category for which the data should be modified: Publisher Analytics, Advertiser Analytics, or both Publisher&Advertiser Analytics.
    • Choose the Date for which the data is going to be changed. Note that any changes you make in future dates will be overwritten by actual data collected on those days.
    • Choose the Country for which the changes are going to be made.
    • Select the Advertiser>Campaign; select a specific Banner if necessary.
    • Select Site>Placement.
    • Insert the value(s) for Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Gross, or Net.
  4. Click Add or Delete Data depending on the action you need to perform. The corresponding entry will appear in the list below the form and you can continue making other changes.
  5. When all the changes are made, click Process All, or select specific changes from the list and click Process Selected.



To remove a record from the list just click it once to select it and click Remove Record(s).

If you would like to process a large number of changes simultaneously, you can prepare a file in CSV format and import it using the corresponding option in the Manual Analytics Data pane. The format of the file should be as follows:

Mandatory fields are listed in bold.

The Type column corresponds to the user category in which the analytics are going to be modified:

  • P - Publisher Analytics only;
  • A - Advertiser Analytics only;
  • PA - both Publisher & Advertiser Analytics.

Status identifies which action should be performed:

  • New - adds to the current value;
  • Delete - subtracts from the current value or remove data.
  • Edit - overrides the existing data;

Here's an example of how the resulting CSV file should look like:

Manual Analytics CSV Example



If you need to edit the Conversions column, the Action ID value must also be specified.