Manage Payouts & Funds

The Billing tab in Epom Ad Server allows managing the financial activities of the network. It consists of three sections:


This section consists of:

  • Current Month Summary.
  • Last Month Summary.
  • Last Six Months Trends graph.

Payments Management

The Payments Management pane consists of two tabs:

  • Advertiser Funds: This pane is designed to review and manage the payments from Advertisers for the given period of time.
  • Publisher Payments: In this pane all the payments to the Publishers of your network can be reviewed and managed.

To review the payments' history, switch to the corresponding tab, select an Advertiser or Publisher from the list, and specify the time frame.

To add a new payment, fill in the Amount, specify the Date, and click .

To delete a payment, select it from the list, and click .

Network Financial Balance

This section includes all the financial activity of your network for the past periods. It consists of two sections - one for Advertisers, and second one - for Publishers.

The filtering mechanism allows limiting the time frame to be displayed in both the sections. It is also possible to limit the display of entries in either of the sections by inserting the name of the Advertiser or Publisher in the Search fields, or selecting a certain Category from the list. Additionally, it is possible to hide or display the inactive records by clicking .