iOS and Android Installation Tracking

Conversion tracking for iOS and Android apps in Epom Ad Server is done via the device fingerprinting technology.


  1. User of your app sees the ad and clicks it. He is redirected to the App Store or Play Market page.
  2. With the Epom SDK integrated to your app, unique device identifier (also named 'fingerprint') will be added to the Click action. This information will be transmitted to our servers.

  3. User installs the advertised app and launches it.
  4. If the Epom SDK is integrated to the advertised app as well, the same fingerprint will be sent along with the Install action. Epom Ad Server checks if the Click action with the same fingerprint was logged previously, and if there is, the Conversion is added.


Please follow these steps to start using iOS and/or Android installation tracking:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Advertisers pane.
  2. Navigate to an existing Advertiser > Campaign or add the new ones.
  3. Activate the Actions pane from the right side menu.
  4. Choose an existing Action or add the new one.
  5. Copy the Action Key which will be required later.
  6. Click and go to the Installation Tracking tab of the window that appears.
  7. Download the iOS and/or Android SDKs. These SDKs should be integrated to your apps; the integration manuals are provided along with the SDKs.
  8. When integrating the SDKs, replace the Application ID placeholder ('YOUR_TRACKED_APPLICATION_ID_HERE' in the manual) with the Action Key from step #5.

To confirm if everything works as intended, make a test Conversion:

  1. Insert an Invocation Code from the Placement to a mobile web page.
  2. Open the page and click the Banner. You should be redirected to the App Store or Play Market page.
  3. Download, install, and launch the advertised app and wait for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Log into your network account and go to the Analytics tab.
  5. Run the report. Conversion should be counted towards Epom Analytics.