Integrated Fraud Detection

Fraudulent traffic is commonly and rightly considered to be one of the main ad serving hardships. To help address that issue, Epom Ad Server allows integrating ©Forensiq to your network, which is a third-party fraud detection platform. To do so, please contact your Epom Ad Server manager.

Once the integration is enabled, Security panel will become available on all the Site, Placement, Advertiser, Campaign, and Banner cards. With it's help you can configure ad traffic scanning for the entity in question as per your needs:




Running Quality filter for Advertisers, Campaigns, and/or Banners requires 100% of traffic for the request events to be set in the Security pane for the related Publisher(s)/Placement(s).

  • Set the timeframe when the traffic is to be scanned.
  • Specify the traffic share that should be inspected.
  • (optional) Specify the Country(-ies) for the traffic that should be analyzed.
  • Select the events that should be scanned: requests, impressions, clicks, actions. Request scanning is only available for Sites and Placements.
  • Quality filter: set the targeting by traffic quality for Advertiser, Campaign, or Banner. It is possible to either select one of the pre-defined options or insert a numeric value for the Risk Factor from the 1-100 range manually:
  • Accept all traffic: 0.
  • Reject high-risk traffic: 80.
  • Reject suspicious: 65.

In that way all the traffic with the Risk Factor that exceeds the Quality Filter value will be rejected.

Results of Fraud detection can be checked with the help of Security report.