Email Notification Templates

Epom Ad Server provides an option to notify users about a certain event that took place: Email notification templates.

With the help of the Email Notification Templates feature you can set automatic mailing for Network Supervisors or network users that will be triggered by an event in the network workflow.

To create and set up an email notification template, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Network Supervisor account.
  2. Click Email Notification Templates in the System Configuration group of the side menu.
  3. Click to add a new template and fill out the form that appears:
  4. Please make sure that:

  5. The Active checkbox is selected.
  6. A proper event is selected in the Events section (full list of events is available below).
  7. Proper account types are selected in the Roles section:
    • If none of the roles are selected: Emails will be sent for an action performed by all the roles.
    • If a specific role(s) is selected: Emails will be sent for actions performed only by the users with the specified role(s).
  8. Select or unselect the Optional checkbox: If the Email Notification Template is marked as Optional, it will contain an unsubscribe link, so your network users will be able to cancel their subscription to the features email notifications.
  9. When everything is ready, click the Body Preview button to check that the email is displayed correctly.
  10. Click Submit.

Managing Email Notification Templates:

  • To edit an existing template, double-click it in the list of templates, or click it once and click the button.
  • To disable an email notification, unselect the corresponding checkbox in the Active column.
  • To delete an email template, select it in the list and click . Click Yes in the confirmation window that appears.