eCPM Optimization

eCPM Optimization is a system-wide set up, which is based purely on effective Cost Per Mile and works at the Campaign level. This means that with this type of optimization enabled, all the Campaigns for all the Advertisers in your network will be subjected to optimization. As a result, only the Campaign with the highest eCPM will be shown.

Please pay attention to the following:

  • Campaigns with disabled or undefined Pricing will be ignored.
  • With eCPM Optimization turned on the Campaign Weights are neglected.
  • Banner Weights are only used to select the Banner within the Campaign that is currently being active.

To configure eCPM Optimization for your network:

  1. Log into the Network Supervisor account.
  2. Choose Optimization Settings from the Inventory & Campaign Settings group of the side menu.
  3. Choose eCPM Optimization from the Optimization Algorithm field:
  4. Set the Estimated CTR and Estimated Conversion Rate values. They will be used for newly created Campaigns (that have no actual data yet) to calculate the effective CPM.
  5. Click Submit.