Display Campaigns

Banners for Standard and Non-Standard Site Placements

Banners for Standard Placements are targeted for regular ad serving mainly on the Desktop devices.

Banners for Non-Standard Site Placements are designed for non-standard Banners (such as pop-up banners) or the ones that will be displayed in non-standard places. Other than this, they are very similar to the regular Site Placement Banners. Using this Banner Type will help avoid ad blocking software. Also, it may work better with the site's design aesthetically.

To add a new Banner for display:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Advertiser tab.
  2. Select an existing Advertiser > Campaign or add the new ones.
  3. Click on the side bar or choose Site Placement from the Add new Banner list.
  4. The Create New Banner form will be displayed. Fill it out:
    1. Enter the Banner Name.
    2. [Optional] Add Labels if neccessary.
    3. [Optional] Change the Banner Weight (1-32767; the higher the weight value is - the greater the probability).
    4. Select the needed Ad Unit:
      • Banners for Standard Site Placements: Leaderboard (728x90); Medium Rectangle (300x250); Rectangle (180x150); Full Banner (468x60); Skyscraper (120x600); Wide Skyscraper (160x600); Half Page Ad (300x600); Button 2 (120x60); Micro Bar (88x31); XXL Box (468x648); Custom Banner Size;
      • Banners for Non-Standard Site Placements: Third Party Integration Code; Template;
    5. Specify the Banner Type: Local File; External File; HTML Code; Template.
    6. Upload the Banner creative depending on the Banner Type you've selected:
      • For Local File, click Browse and navigate to a Local File on your computer; fill in the Banner Title and specify the redirect URL:
      • For an External File, insert a link to a Flash Banner File or to an Image Banner File; specify the redirect URL:
      • If you need an HTML Code Banner Type, paste the advertising tag code into the corresponding frame:



If you wish to track clicks for the HTML Code, please refer to the Click Tracking guide.

For the Template Banner Type, choose the template you need from the list:

  • If you would like to configure Auto-linking for the Banner, click the disclosure triangle next to the Advanced Settings and make the necessary configuration.
  • Click Save. You will be redirected to the Banner page.
  • Publishers which run the ad Campaigns that potentially fit the current Banner will be displayed in the Placements pane. You can manually make the interconnections of the Banner with the Placement(s) by selecting the corresponding checkboxes and clicking Save:
  • On the Banner page you can specify the Targeting, Capping, Limitations, Rules, 3rd Party Tracking Codes and Pricing.
  • ❗️


    Banner Pricing has a higher priority than Campaign Pricing. Therefore, Banner Pricing will be selected by the system in case both are set.

    When Targeting is set both on Campaign and Banner levels, both Targetings will be applied by the AND rule.