Detailed Metrics Logs

The detailed metrics logs are available as a part of Epom Premium Package.

  • Impressions Log
  • Clicks Log
  • Conversions Log

These types of reports provide detailed information on each individual Impression/Click/Conversion accordingly.



To enable detailed metrics logging feature for your network, please contact your personal manager.

Once all is set and done on our side, an appropriate log option will appear in the Type of Report list in the Analytics tab.

report options

To run the report, please follow these steps:

  • specify the Date Range.
  • (optional) choose Country(-ies).
  • (optional) select Validation mode.
  • (optional) specify an Action (only for Conversions Log report).
  • click Run Report.

The appropriate log will be displayed in the new sub-tab:

The detailed metrics logs contain the following information about each event:

  • Date
  • Action (only for Conversions Log report).
  • IP - public IP address.
  • Remote IP - local IP address.
  • X-Forwarded-For - HTTP header for resolving the client proxy addresses.
  • Risk - risk factor of the Conversion.
  • Site, Domain, and Placement.
  • Advertiser, Campaign, and Banner.
  • Channel - Epom Channel.
  • Custom Parameter - Custom Parameters.
  • Country - Country name.
  • Country Code - ISO country code.
  • Browser - browser name.
  • OS - operating system.
  • Mobile Carrier.
  • Transaction ID.
  • User Agent - User-Agent string value.
  • Connection Type.
  • Fraud.
  • Response Code.