CTR Optimization

Click-Through Rate Optimization allows you to increase Banner display rate in case it gets more clicks compared to other Banners of the same Campaign. Primary setup is done by Network Supervisor in the corresponding section of Network Supervisor account.

CTR Optimization increases the Banners' Weights within one Campaign by a definite coefficient based on the CTR statistics. The higher the CTR is, the higher the Weight increase will be; CTR Optimization never decreases the Weight of the Banners.

The initial Weight values set manually stay valid while the optimization takes place and influence the optimization process, especially in the beginning.

To activate CTR Optimization:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Advertisers tab.
  2. Select an existing Advertiser > Campaign and click the disclosure triangle to expand the Advanced Settings section.
  3. Select the CTR Optimization checkbox and click Save.

With the CTR Optimization activated on the Campaign level, the Yesterday Weight Optimization button will be added to every Banner page under that Campaign. It displays the optimization statistics for that Banner along with the optimization coefficient: