Creating Rich Media Templates

In addition to the predefined set of Rich Media Templates, Epom Ad Server includes an option to create the new ones. To do so:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Templates tab.
  2. Click and fill out the form that appears:
    • Title: The name of the Template in your network.
    • Active: Defines if the Template is enabled in the network.
    • Always Redirect: With this checkbox selected, the Template will only be applicable to the Placements with the corresponding settings.
    • Template Impression Record: With this checkbox unselected, the Impressions will be counted towards Epom Analytics as soon as the Template is requested. If the checkbox is selected, the $$IMPRESSION_IMG_URL$$ macro should be used in the Template Body at the exact place where Impressions should be scored.
    • Placement Type.
    • Body: The Template code should be inserted to this field.
    • The following keys are used by Epom Ad Server, and can not be inserted to the Template code:

      • $$WIDTH$$ – Banner width.
      • $$HEIGHT$$ – Banner height.
      • $$UID$$ – unique Banner ID.
      • $$BANNER_ID$$ – unique Banner ID.
      • $$PUBLISHER_ID$$ – unique Publisher ID.
      • $$PLACEMENT_ID$$ – unique Placement ID.
  3. Click Save. Additional fields will be displayed:
  4. Add Template File

    • Insert the macro that will be used in the Template Body to refer to this file.
    • Click Browse and locate the Template File.

    Template Files

    All the uploaded files will be listed in this section. To remove the uploaded file, select it in the list and click .

    Add Template Property

    This section is designed to create various options for the template:

    • Type:
      • File – File upload field.
      • String – Text input field.
      • Integer – Number input field.
      • Boolean – Checkbox.
      • Select – Drop-down list. Every line in the Values list is a new entry in the drop-down list.
      • Placement Key.
    • Title: the name of the element.
    • Key: Placeholder for the element.

    To add the Property, click the corresponding button. It will be added to the Template Properties list below.