Capping is a feature that allows limiting the displays, clicks, or actions for certain Advertisers, Campaigns or Banners that can be served to a unique user during a specified period of time.

Please follow these steps to configure Capping:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Advertiser tab.
  2. Select an existing Advertiser, Campaign or Banner.
  3. Enable the Capping pane from the right side menu and configure the Capping:
    • Choose the Capping type:
      • Click Capping limits the maximum number of click actions for the same visitor within a given period of time.
      • Action Capping limits the number of actions a visitor can complete within a given period of time.
      • Frequency Capping limits the number of times for an ad to be served to the same visitor within a given period of time.
      • Request Capping limits the number of requests to the specified Advertiser/Campaign/Banner.
    • Amount is the maximum number of Impressions, Clicks, or Actions.
    • Period and Period Type are used to specify the duration for the Capping.
    • Flat option defines whether the Impressions, Clicks, or Actions should be evenly distributed during the defined timeframe.
  4. Click . The corresponding entry will be added to the list.

Frequency Capping can also be set at the Advertiser level, limiting the Impressions for all the Campaigns of the same Advertiser.

Example #1

If the following Frequency Capping settings are configured for the Campaign:

  • Amount: 10
  • Period: 2
  • Period Type: Hours

A user should see the Banner from the Campaign no more than 10 times every 2 hours.

The first time the Banner is loaded, the Browser will get a Cookie file from Epom server with a value of one and Expiration Modifier - 2 hours. The value of the Cookie file will be increased by 1 on every subsequent request. When the value of 10 is reached, the Banners will stop being displayed. After 2 hours pass, the Cookie will expire, and the process can be restarted.

Example #2

Multiple Frequency Capping options can be set together:

  • Amount: 1
  • Period: 1
  • Period Type: Hours

  • Amount: 16
  • Period: 1
  • Period Type: Day(s)

In this case, user will be able to see a Banner 16 times per day, but not more often than once per hour.

Example #3

  • Amount: 24
  • Period: 1
  • Period Type: Day(s)
  • Flat: Enabled

With the Flat option enabled, the ad will be displayed to a certain viewer no more than once per hour (24 Impressions evenly distributed during one day).

What’s Next

For the cases when cookie-based Capping can not be used, we have another specific feature: