When the Campaign is configured, you can start adding Banners to it.

To add a new Banner to the Campaign, click the icon that corresponds to the Banner Type you need in the side panel. Alternatively, it is possible to choose the Banner Type you need from the Add new Banner menu. The Create New Banner form will appear. It will contain a slightly different set of fields, depending on the Banner Type you choose. Please follow the links below to find out details regarding the specific Banners.

The following Banner types are available:

  1. Banners for Site Placements - standard display banners, which are shown at certain Placements within the web page markup.
  2. Banners for Non-standard Placements - banners are shown anywhere on the screen, but not within the webpage content, e.g. pop-up banners, floating banners, etc.
  3. Banners for Mobile Placements - used for mobile sites.
  4. Video Placement Banners - video or image banners that are shown along with the video content (i.e., a video ad that is shown before the main video).
  5. Banners for Native Placements - ads that support multiple formats and sizes depending on the ad request for Native Advertising.