Available Rich Media Templates

Every package in Epom Ad Server includes a predefined set of Rich Media Templates.

Each subsequent package incorporates all the Templates available for the previous package.

  Basic Standard Advanced Enterprise
Corner Pop-up + + + +
Push-Down + + + +
Tab-under + + + +
Simple Banner + + + +
Pop-Up Window - + + +
Pop-Under Window - + + +
Rich Media Banner - + + +
Mobile Interstitial Notification - + + +
Interstitial Ad - + + +
Footerbar - - + +
Responsive Banner - - + +
In-app Banners - - + +
Promo Interstitial - - + +
Skin - - + +
Advanced Interstitial - - - +
Catfish - - - +
Native Interstitial - - - +
Advanced Promo Interstitial - - - +
CTA Promo Interstitial - - - +
Interstitial Image Swipe - - - +
In-Text ads - - - +
Video Waterfall - - - +
In-image - - - +
Interscroller - - - +


  • Corner Pop-Up ads: non-resizable ad format with a 300x80 px resolution that is displayed on top of the web-page content (Desktop-only).
  • Push-Down: ads of this format are displayed on the top of the page and 'push' the web-page content down. This ad format supports custom codes and creatives.
  • Tab-under ads: appear in a new inactive browser tab (Desktop and Mobile platforms).
  • Simple Banner: a static block of any size that comes as a part of page content.
  • Standard

  • Pop-Up Window ads: displayed in the new Browser window on top of the web-page that is being viewed by user (Desktop and Mobile platforms).
  • Pop-Under Window ads: open the background Browser window hidden under the active one (Windows-only, Firefox and Chrome browsers with Adobe Flash Player plugin installed).
  • Rich Media Banner: this ad format is an in-content banner with a number of advanced features including video playback, titles, descriptions, media elements and ratings.
  • Mobile Interstitial Notification ads are the push notifications for tablets or smartphones, which are displayed in between the user activities to maximize ad exposure.
  • Interstitial Ad covers the page content and has custom size.
  • Advanced

  • Footerbar: Desktop ad format designed specifically for the footer sections of the web pages; supports custom codes.
  • Responsive Banner: this ad format detects the width of the web page and displays the corresponding creative (Desktop and Mobile platforms).
  • In-app Banners: ads with a size of 320x50 that are designed specifically for mobile apps; includes sliding content, icons, and Install buttons.
  • Promo Interstitial template is used for small-sized ad units for slow internet connection. Typically, preloaded versions of the creatives are displayed in full screen mode.
  • Skin template is displayed as a clickable background of the page.
  • Enterprise

  • Advanced Interstitial template is a highly customizable interactive ad unit that supports custom codes and external files; supports custom sizes and can be displayed in iframes (Desktop and Mobile platforms).
  • Catfish ad format is a mobile ad that is displayed as a horizontal pane at the bottom of the page; supports custom creatives.
  • Native Interstitial ads look like the native components of the mobile OS (such as standard Javascript alerts, for example).
  • Advanced Promo Interstitial mobile ads with a complex structure and customizable layout; can display pre-loaded versions of the images in full-screen mode.
  • CTA Promo Interstitial is a template that includes a picture along with two call to action buttons which lead to the advertiser's landing page.
  • Interstitial Image Swipe mobile ads that contain interactive sliders or image carousels with multiple creatives.
  • In-Text ads are linked to particular keywords within text content. Ads of this type are displayed when user hovers the mouse cursor over a keyword (Desktop-only).
  • Video Waterfall is a set of ads which support VAST, VPAID 1, VPAID 2 tags and/or embedded video. Video Waterfalls can be displayed as footerbars, in-content ad units, element wrappers or ads with a fixed position. This is a highly customizable ad format that supports up to 10 video tags (Desktop and Mobile platforms).
  • In-image ad format allows to display traditional banner without content cropping. Ads will appear over the related editorial images in the page content. Ad unit is available for both desktop and mobile.
  • Interscroller appears between two parts of the content, when the user scrolls the page down or up.