Automatic Linking Setup

Auto-linking by Categories

Please follow these steps to link the Banners to the newly created Placements automatically:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Advertisers tab.
  2. Choose Advertiser > Campaign (if you would like all the Banners within a Campaign to be auto-linked), or choose Advertiser > Campaign > Banner (if you would like the specific Banner to be auto-linked).
  3. Click the disclosure triangle to expand the Advanced Settings section of the Campaign (or Banner) page.
  4. Select the New Placements Auto-linking checkbox and choose the Auto-link Categories from the list:
  5. Click Save.

Now the Banner(s) with corresponding Categories and with appropriate sizes will be automatically linked to the new Placements.

Please keep in mind that if the Auto-linking feature is activated at the Campaign level, it will be applied to all the Banners within that Campaign.

Auto-linking by Labels

As an addition to the Auto-linking by Categories, Banners can be automatically linked to Placements by their Labels. In this case Labels act as additional filters which will help customize the Auto-linking. For example, this is useful for Non-standard Placements because they do not have pre-set sizes.

To set up this feature choose Advertiser > Campaign > Banner and click the disclosure triangle to expand the Advanced Settings section:

  • Select the New Placements Auto-linking checkbox.
  • Specify the Auto-link Categories.
  • Select the Labels for the Banner in question.
  • Click Save.