This article describes Advertisers.

Advertiser is the highest level of division which is generally used to group all the ads of a certain advertiser.

Please follow these steps to add a new Advertiser:

  1. Log into your network account and go to the Advertisers tab.
  2. Click the Add Advertiser icon.
  3. Fill out the Create New Advertiser form:
  4. If necessary, specify the Categories for this Advertiser. This can be then used to connect to the Publishers using the Rules functionality, and help manage your network's Advertisers and Publishers more effectively:
    • Sharing Settings: In this pane you can share the Advertiser to other users of your network – just fill in the user name, specify the Sharing Type, and click :
    • Advertiser Capping: This option allows you to limit the number of Impressions that will be served to a unique user during a certain period of time by the Advertiser. Selecting the Flat checkbox will divide the limitation equally between all entities of the Advertiser.
    • Limits: This option is similar to Capping, but allows you to specify the limitation for all users during a certain period of time (Start and End Dates), as opposed to a unique user:
    • Filtering Advertisers: The drop-down lists on the top of the Advertiser pane can be used to filter your network's Advertisers by Share Type and Category: