Advertiser Categories

Advertising Category management allows you to add Categories to the Advertisers

Epom allows you to manage the categories of your Advertisers. Users of your network will then be able to add the Category label(s) to the Advertiser, which would, for example, identify the types of Placements preferable for that site:

To manage the Advertising categories, just log into your Network Supervisor account and click the Advertising Categories item from the Inventory & Campaigns Settings group of the side menu:

  • To add a new category, fill in the Name, specify the Type* of the category and click .
  • To remove a category select it from the list and then click .

*Public and Internal category types allow you to have two different sets of categories. These category types can then be set to be displayed only to certain roles of your network's users. For example, regular Advertisers will be able to see and/or add both Internal and Public categories, while Self-Serve Advertisers will only see the Public categories. The availability of these items can be changed in the Campaigns Management group Roles & Permissions section: