Advertiser Campaigns

Here you can find the description of all demand-side entities.

In our system, there are 3 types of demand-side entities that represent different logical levels:

  • Advertiser is the highest level that represents one particular Advertiser.
  • Campaign is an intermediary level that represents one Ad Campaign, a group of individual Banners. It is most offen that settings (for example, Targeting) are configured on the Campaign level so they are applied to all Banners under this Campaign.
  • Banner is the lowest level-entity that has the most direct nature — it is a single unit of advertisement. You can upload local creatives or set external ones, link it to Placements, and configure various settings.

By design, each Advertiser has access to one dedicated Advertiser, while Network Manager has access to all entities and can manage all the entities as well as share the access to Advertisers for different Users with lower level of Permissions.