Actions Management

Actions in Epom Ad Server are specific events that take place during the ad serving process, and used to track Conversions via Pixel Tracking, SUB_ID or ACTION_DATA methods. Standard Actions include Clicks, Installations, opt-ins, etc.

Actions are common for the entire network. They can be managed by network users in the Actions tab. Once you navigate to the Actions tab, you will see the System Actions that are currently available in your network:

To create a new Action for your network:

  1. Log into your network account and navigate to the Actions tab:
  2. Fill in the Name for the Action.
  3. Specify the Period Type for the View-through Conversion and/or Click-through Conversion.
  4. Depending on the Action you'd like to create, set the View-through Conversion and/or Click-through Conversion timeframes:
    • View-through Conversion defines the period of time during which the View Action will be counted as Conversion (i.e., user has seen the Banner, and purchased the product in X hours).
    • Click-through Conversion defines the same value for the Click Action.
    • Conversion per IP Time Frame, minutes defines the period of time during which only one Conversion per IP will be counted.
    • Conversion per LES IP Time Frame, minutes defines the same value for Conversion per LES IP.



Action Name should not contain spaces.

Setting the Conversion timeframes higher than 24 days might cause high discrepancies, and, therefore, not recommended.

Conversion per IP time frame should be activated in the Validation Settings as well in order this feature to work

  1. Click . You will be forwarded to the Action sub-tab:

The following action-specific items are available in this sub-tab:

  • Edit Action Properties
  • In the General Information section you can:

    • Update all the properties you have set when creating an Action.
    • Delete or Copy the Action with the help of the corresponding buttons on the top of the page.
    • Turn on Detailed logging for the Action. With this option enabled, the Custom Parameters along with the corresponding values will be collected towards Epom Analytics. With this checkbox deselected, the corresponding fields in the Analytics reports will remain empty.
  • Action Sharing
  • Allows you to share the Action to a certain user. To do so, fill in the Username, select the Sharing Type and click . The corresponding entry will appear in the list.

  • Action Tracking
  • In this pane you can obtain the information for SUB_ID and ACTION_DATA tracking types (acquire the Macros, keys, and samples of the Landing Page links).

    Also, you can download Android and iOS installation tracking SDKs.

  • Pricing
  • In this pane you can set global pricing for the Action. This value will be used when your network users select the Use General Pricing checkbox in the Pricing pane on the Campaign or Banner pages.